Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Rocky Mountain National Park // Aspen Viewing

I was raised in Texas, in a very small town. I rarely ventured out of this small town, rare occasions maybe once a year. It was just too long of a drive to try and enjoy any kind of other city life. Then I move here to Denver Colorado eight years ago. My whole life changed, in more then one way. One of the many things I seriously love about Colorado is the fall time. In Texas, leaves never changed colors, because 90% of the leaves were Pine trees. Here in "Colorful Colorado" seeing Fall time for the first time literally took my breathe away and still years later its enough to bring tears to my eyes.

It is just beautiful here, bursting with Oranges, Yellows, Reds, Purples. So many colors to see and one of the best things I had always heard to see was the Aspen trees changing colors in the mountains. I had never viewed them, specifically taken a trip to enjoy them. Till this year. Caleb and I packed up and traveled to the mountains to view the changing colors of the Aspen trees. We drove to The Rocky Mountain National Park and headed to the great divide. We finally got too see the Aspen and it was a amazing experience and will be doing it again next year.


  1. What beautiful photographs! Looks magical :)

  2. So gorgeous! Sounds like a great yearly tradition in the making. The leaves are only just starting to turn here in western Oregon, but I'm going to try to head out tomorrow to do some leaf-peeping!

  3. I love the whole look of Aspen. My husband just took me to Breckenridge for my birthday. It was absolutely beautiful there too. The lodge we stayed at (The Lodge at Breckenridge) has a promotion going called Barkotober and all the dogs got to stay free. We took a picture of our Corgi Louie at the Lodge and the person with the most likes get to go back for a free stay. If you get a chance please like Louie on my face book page at Marnie Davis Ward. We would love to go back to Co. I use to live in Dillon. Boy has that changed.

  4. What a gorgeous place to visit!


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