Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall Festival at Garden Center

Ever since Caleb was a tot we have been coming to nicksgardencenter for their Fall Festival, it never disappoints and as I always say I love supporting small local businesses. Caleb got a all access wrist band that included a haunted hay ride, bouncy house, train ride and push peddle bikes. He also washed a pumpkin, did bean bag tosses, ring toss and picked out a warty pumpkin and a bity pumpkin. All in all a great fun filled evening


  1. I adore all those pumpkins! :D Looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Great photos, really puts me in the mood for Halloween. I think the tiny, mini pumpkins that they have now are the cutest. I wanted to buy some the other day but my hubby said; "If we can't eat them then why buy them?" He was in one of his 'grouch' moods. Think I'll go back to the garden center later this week and buy a few (they had them in white and in orange) as I feel they will make a charming centerpiece for the dinning room table. :)

  3. Festivals are so much fun, and this one looks awesome!!!


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