Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Target Toy Clearance, How To Be A Smart Shopper

See all those awesome toys above? Got them from Targets annual toy clearance sale, all 70% off! Most items were only 4-5$ and these are good toys that my son will enjoy. I stock up a "gift closet" every year doing this and swear by it too save money. I'm already a frugal money saving person with lots of things in my life, this is just another one of those fantastic ways I find to save even more.

Twice a year Target has this sale , once for Spring and once for end of Summer. I am already a Target shopper and noticed weeks before the sale they were moving toys to end caps and marking 30% off and from there I kept my eye on it. When it had reached 50% I would literally call the store once a week on Tuesdays to see if they planned on marking the toys down further. Seems like a lot of work to do, but its 100% worth it!

This sale was last month and I hit up three Targets in my city, with a large Starbucks coffee in hand and loaded up my shopping cart to the top.  Each store offers something different and some stores are better then others. I spent a total of 125$ for all the above and full price would have been near 300$+. These gifts are then divided between my sons birthday in November and Christmas. Then my mother splits those costs with me and gifts are divided between us. Smart huh? I also have a few in reserve for birthday parties we may be invited too.

So there's my secret. Its out of the box. Its a wonderful way to save money

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