Friday, September 12, 2014

My Friday Favorites #1

Something new I'll be adding to my blog every Friday, are a few items that are my favorites! Great way to get some gift ideas and spread the love of products. I specially like to shop handmade, so there will be lots of Etsy community art forms here. Enjoy!

Just ordered this a few days ago and am patiently waiting for it too arrive, I just love it. Its going in my living room above a bookcase.
I have ALOT of rings added to my favorites list and this one is one of my favorite and I plan on purchasing for Christmas as a gift for myself. Its so sweet.
I am a fan of small trinkets and crystals, this shelf I just LOVE and is now on my want list. I have some minerals that would look just beautiful on it.
I am a huge fan of tea and this teapot has got to be one of the coolest looking ones I have ever seen, super modern and sleek. Would be pretty sweet watching the leaves brew
What a great idea, charge your phone from the Sun's solar rays, no more plugging into the wall!


  1. Wonderful finds, love that shelf!

  2. I love the teapot as well. Great finds! I am visiting from the Etsy Blogger team.


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