Friday, August 22, 2014

How to Crawfish, Fun for the family

I'm almost I positive I posted this last year as well, but it was so fun that I wanted to share again. Its loved by child and adults alike here and summer time is the perfect time to go crawfishing! We don't catch ours to eat them, we let them all go. Its the thrill of the hunt for us.

I grew up in the country deep in the south, one of the things I did as a kid to entertain myself was to go near the streams near the lake and flip over rocks to catch these critters. I would bring them home and then release them in the small creek in front of our house. Ever see a mama crawfish with all her young hanging on her tummy, coolest thing ever. So I'm not totally girly, I have a little tom boy in me and that's just fine.

what you'll need to crawfish:

sticks {we find ours laying on the ground, just something sturdy}
the cheapest hotdogs you can find {got ours at the dollar tree}
nets {got ours at the dollar tree}
containers to hold the crawfish
your camera {trust me you'll want to take pictures}

How to catch them:

Crawfish are drawn to the smell of raw hotdogs, literally only takes us 10 minutes and they start coming out of their hiding places and going for the food.

You take a hotdog and cut it in half or even smaller and tie it on a piece of string and then tie that string on your fishing stick. That simple. Dangle your hotdogs into a place you think they may like and wait for their tugging. You can feel them eating it. Sometimes you can't just pull the string up very slow, that the key to keep them on the stick and pull them out of the water and into your container to look at. Its fun to watch them in more shallow waters, you can see them going for it and actually watch them, so yea do that find some clear'ish water. Is that a word?

So you can pick these critters up, do so by the back end of them. Don't get near their claws unless you want to get pinched and I imagine that don't feel so good. I managed to go my entire childhood without getting pinched.

That's it, hours go by so fast when you do this and its so fun and cheap. We have a special place we do this every year since my son was a toddler. Its a tradition and I'm glad we get to spend that time together. We found a bridge with a little water that dosent run all the way through during the dry months so we fish in the shade under a bridge.

{ my mom, caleb's grandma is even doing it!}

{I love this picture my mom and my son}

{we caught around 10 that day}

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  1. I've seen people fishing for crawfish with chicken drumsticks at Tower Grove Park in St. Louis. It's so bizarre, seeing people fishing for these weird little bugs in the middle of the city, lol.


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