Thursday, July 10, 2014

Time to catch up!

Everything about my life is busy and crazy, which lead to me getting way way behind on my blog posts. I truly can say I LOVE to blog. I have been away for awhile and not running things like I use too and I need to change that and get involved once again.
Thanks to Googles major changes to the way we "renew" our blog domains, I couldn't figure out how to log into that dreaded "admin" area. Even with their special user temp name they provided earlier in the year. Mine was expired and couldn't be dug up. So literally after spending 1 full month trying to figure out how to save Yourcharmedlife Blog, I found out just how to un-lock my domain and have it transferred with another company. Now Godaddy is my new provider and I'm paid up for 5 years. PROB. SOLVED
Moving on, I have had these pictures literally for months in my blogging folder and now can share. Took my son to a local skate park near by us. Most times its packed with oder kids doing wheelies with their bikes. Caleb got a few minutes in before it became over crowded. He loved it, need to take him back.


  1. Jan Pewsey10.7.14

    WOW, I love the pictures. The skate board park is awesome. Caleb sure is lucky to have you for a Mom to take him to all these cool places.


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