Thursday, July 24, 2014

Slice of color

I love Minerals and have a nice little collection in my own home, my son and I went on a hunt for something to do for the day and I remembered this spot here in the city that has a large "slice" of mineral rock displayed. Kind of cool, when you get up close its actually a collection of different broken pieces of glass.
The photo is a little old, as this has been in my folder to post since April. Notice the snow on the ground? This was one of the first days of full sunshine and decent weather for us here in Colorado. Our winters tend to stay long and cold till April/May


  1. I LOVE minerals too. I've worked with gemstones in my jewelry, and there's nothing like the beauty of a natural stone.

    Snow on the ground in April? Yikes! I live in the south, so snow on the ground in December would give us all a collective heart attack.

  2. That's a really cool rock! It's amazing what some broken glass can become when recycled and upcycled into art. =0)
    Have a great weekend!

  3. This reminds me of a thing from my childhood. We live near the sea and there was a tiny stretch of beach close to the ferry boat. My sister used to go there with my dad to search for "diamonds". We used to call it diamond beach. Only years later I realized that our diamonds where just pieces of glass sanded down by the sea and the sand ;)

    You managed to get some great pictures out of this, it seems like a nice experience anyway!


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