Monday, August 4, 2014

Our Newest Pets, Hermit Crabs

Meet our newest pets. Four hermit crabs. My son Caleb has Asthma induced my allergies, which are to cats & dogs. So no furry pets for us, we tried other pets like guinea pigs and hamsters and my son was just not interested in them. So we have crabs. They are easy to care for and only require cage cleaning once a week {right up my alley}. They all are housed in a 10 galloon tank, things have been added and changed since this picture I took. They now have logs to climb, salt water disk, fresh water dish, cocoa hut and more. I educated myself on how to properly take care of them. Very interesting critters.

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  1. Anonymous5.8.14

    I had a pet hermit crab years ago. It creeped me out when he came out of his shell to go into another one. lol


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