Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Place. Our Kitchen

So if you follow my blog and my posts you would know that for a year my son and I lived in a very small one bedroom apartment. It was all I could afford not knowing what I was going into as a single mother. After that full year I found out that we could do bigger and better. After searching for months I found us a nice 1,000 + sq. ft 2 bedroom 2 bath condo in a very good school district. We like it here, much better than the last gig and hopefully we can stay for a few years. I took some pictures of our kitchen, I love it because it has a nice window that stick out with shelves. I had a brilliant idea to fill it with glass canisters/bottles etc. The light catches these every morning and makes the floor in my kitchen all colors. Just beautiful.


  1. the colorful glass is beautiful! i would imagine it brightens your day to see them.

  2. Anonymous23.7.14

    Very pretty vase collection.

  3. I love the glass pieces in front of the window! It's such a happy little space. :-)

  4. Beautiful! I love it!


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