Monday, July 28, 2014

Feeding the ducks


Every year we make sure we take time to feed the ducks, we know several great spots that are stocked with different kind of species of them. I grew up in Texas on a small mini farm that had a pond and ducks, I loved to feed them as a child and thought the noises they made smacking on the water was funny. Caleb thinks so too. He likes to see them dive under with their butts in the air.
So we loaded up a container filled with grains, rice and sliced grapes. Did you know that feeding ducks bread is very harmful to them and their eco system? I had no idea until I read up on it, was mentioned by someone I know and since then I don't feed bread. You shouldn't either, I know its tempting to get rid of that stale bread somehow and feeding ducks is cool and all but choose something more duck friendly. 


  1. Mallards are my favorite with their beautiful colors!
    I had no idea bread was bad for ducks....thanks for the info!


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