Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Butterfly Pavilion & my sons injury

My son hurt himself around Easter time at the playground at his school, his knee got majorly swollen. Weeks go by and it never went down, they ran a MRI on him and confirmed no broken bones. However they found a hematoma. Waited another week, still badly swollen and he was limping. They ran a second MRI and this time with contrast. His hematoma went away, yet still very swollen. We had un-officially gotten a diagnoses of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. We went to see a specialist and they ran some blood tests etc. and confirmed that was it. Evidently my sons injury at the playground woke a sleeping giant. It went from one knee to his other and then his ankle.
The Dr. suggested a procedure to put him under and have 4 areas drained and 3 injections of steroids. We did it and seen results 24 hours after. We are going on 1 month now and my son is free from swelling. He takes aleeve daily to help aid keeping down the swelling. But he is no longer in a wheel chair and no more crutches. He can skip and run now and walks without a limp. We still go to physical therapy weekly and feel it does help.
So these pictures you see him in a chair and brace, this was our reality for months and months. We went to one of favorite places The butterfly pavilion. Its like a fairy tale dream here, butterflies everywhere! If your lucky they will land on you




  1. So glad that your son is doing better. I bet the visit to the butterfly pavilion did a lot to lift his spirits.

  2. Glad you son is doing so much better. I love to go to butterfly gardens with my children. The bright red and black one you show above is gorgeous!

  3. Oh so sorry about this, but I see it is ok and I wish your little one a speedy recovery:)


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