Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hail Storm

One thing about Colorado weather, it can be sunny and hot one day and that same evening drop 30 degrees and dump hail all over the place. Every summer we get several really good hail storms, here was our first for the season. It coated the streets White, like it snowed in June!

Took Caleb out to play in it and enjoy it, I played too. was fun.

Wondering what's on Caleb leg? Its a leg sock his therapist gave him to help with swelling and circulation

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Butterfly Pavilion & my sons injury

My son hurt himself around Easter time at the playground at his school, his knee got majorly swollen. Weeks go by and it never went down, they ran a MRI on him and confirmed no broken bones. However they found a hematoma. Waited another week, still badly swollen and he was limping. They ran a second MRI and this time with contrast. His hematoma went away, yet still very swollen. We had un-officially gotten a diagnoses of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. We went to see a specialist and they ran some blood tests etc. and confirmed that was it. Evidently my sons injury at the playground woke a sleeping giant. It went from one knee to his other and then his ankle.
The Dr. suggested a procedure to put him under and have 4 areas drained and 3 injections of steroids. We did it and seen results 24 hours after. We are going on 1 month now and my son is free from swelling. He takes aleeve daily to help aid keeping down the swelling. But he is no longer in a wheel chair and no more crutches. He can skip and run now and walks without a limp. We still go to physical therapy weekly and feel it does help.
So these pictures you see him in a chair and brace, this was our reality for months and months. We went to one of favorite places The butterfly pavilion. Its like a fairy tale dream here, butterflies everywhere! If your lucky they will land on you



Monday, July 28, 2014

Feeding the ducks


Every year we make sure we take time to feed the ducks, we know several great spots that are stocked with different kind of species of them. I grew up in Texas on a small mini farm that had a pond and ducks, I loved to feed them as a child and thought the noises they made smacking on the water was funny. Caleb thinks so too. He likes to see them dive under with their butts in the air.
So we loaded up a container filled with grains, rice and sliced grapes. Did you know that feeding ducks bread is very harmful to them and their eco system? I had no idea until I read up on it, was mentioned by someone I know and since then I don't feed bread. You shouldn't either, I know its tempting to get rid of that stale bread somehow and feeding ducks is cool and all but choose something more duck friendly. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Slice of color

I love Minerals and have a nice little collection in my own home, my son and I went on a hunt for something to do for the day and I remembered this spot here in the city that has a large "slice" of mineral rock displayed. Kind of cool, when you get up close its actually a collection of different broken pieces of glass.
The photo is a little old, as this has been in my folder to post since April. Notice the snow on the ground? This was one of the first days of full sunshine and decent weather for us here in Colorado. Our winters tend to stay long and cold till April/May

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Place. Our Kitchen

So if you follow my blog and my posts you would know that for a year my son and I lived in a very small one bedroom apartment. It was all I could afford not knowing what I was going into as a single mother. After that full year I found out that we could do bigger and better. After searching for months I found us a nice 1,000 + sq. ft 2 bedroom 2 bath condo in a very good school district. We like it here, much better than the last gig and hopefully we can stay for a few years. I took some pictures of our kitchen, I love it because it has a nice window that stick out with shelves. I had a brilliant idea to fill it with glass canisters/bottles etc. The light catches these every morning and makes the floor in my kitchen all colors. Just beautiful.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Crystal Point Necklace GIVEAWAY

So I had this giveaway up and running last week and then ran into a prob. with my server for this blog and everything was held up. Things have resolved and I'm back in business! Sorry that happened everyone! So lets try this again!

Your chance to win a sterling silver plated quartz crystal point necklace from my shop yourcharmedlife
Open for USA members only, runs for 7 days

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

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I make a lot of smoothies and this one is a personal favorite as a treat for something sweet when your on a diet or anytime you need a boost of goodness.
First add 4-5 ice cubes
2 bananas
2 tablespoons of peanut butter {feel free to over due it}
1 tablespoon coa coa
I also add in teaspoon of Chai seed, or flax
1/4" cup of Chocolate Almond Milk, I use the dark
Blend it all up and enjoy!!  

Friday, July 11, 2014

My Work Space

Caleb & moved to a larger condo, one that has a large enough bedroom to also serve as my work space! No more stamping on kitchen counter tops,  hello work bench! My mother & father drove from New Mexico to help me with the big move, so grateful for all their help. I couldn't have done it without them. My dad was awesome enough to purchase my work bench for me, what a great gift huh?  Here is where I work and create all those personalized jewelry pieces. Of course this is just one area where all the magic happens, I also have a space for the oxidation process and my computer desk for shipping/customer service.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Time to catch up!

Everything about my life is busy and crazy, which lead to me getting way way behind on my blog posts. I truly can say I LOVE to blog. I have been away for awhile and not running things like I use too and I need to change that and get involved once again.
Thanks to Googles major changes to the way we "renew" our blog domains, I couldn't figure out how to log into that dreaded "admin" area. Even with their special user temp name they provided earlier in the year. Mine was expired and couldn't be dug up. So literally after spending 1 full month trying to figure out how to save Yourcharmedlife Blog, I found out just how to un-lock my domain and have it transferred with another company. Now Godaddy is my new provider and I'm paid up for 5 years. PROB. SOLVED
Moving on, I have had these pictures literally for months in my blogging folder and now can share. Took my son to a local skate park near by us. Most times its packed with oder kids doing wheelies with their bikes. Caleb got a few minutes in before it became over crowded. He loved it, need to take him back.