Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring Break

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My son had his Spring Break last week and we kept busy every day of the week, I'll be sharing more with you with the activities that kept us entertained and busy. This particular day we packed up and headed out to one of my Favorite parks in the city. Its quite, hardly anyone here and space to run around.
We packed up some bubbles, two handmade marshmallow shooter guns {purchased at a kid consignment sale for only 2$}, a large ball to kick around and a lunch. We had a great time, good to get out. We spend a large amount of time indoors during the winter months. We live in Colorado and starting November we don't spend any time outdoors. We are just not getting 60-70 degree days and they are small and little. Yet we gladly take what we can get! Can't wait for Spring!!



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