Friday, March 21, 2014

Metal Detecting

Winter....I love it for Christmas and that's where the love ends. Living here in Colorado, we get winter and all her glory for 6-7 months. We finally got a small break in the weather, it was 65 degrees and sunny! A perfect day to break away and spend it all outdoors, I wasn't the only one thinking this. Tons of people biking, walking, jogging, golfing. All waiting for one little day of pretty weather. I feel like a hibernating bear during the winter months, weight gain and all.
So over Christmas holiday Caleb got a metal detector and decided to take it out for a run at our local state park, which has a small "beach" front on it. We spent HOURS scanning, who would have thought this is so fun!! Its so fun in fact that for mothers day I'm getting a adult large professional one for myself. I may have had more fun then he did HA! So his little Jr. detector works good, thanks Amazon and your good reviews. We found all kinds of metal junk, things like: bottle caps {un-limited amount of these} silver spoon, zipper, some coins, metal tie downs, cans etc. Caleb's favorite part was digging up the treasure. We will be going again soon for our Spring break next week, can't wait!