Tuesday, January 21, 2014

DIY Fabric Softner Crystals

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Here comes another one of those, wow I can do that posts. Its so easy and a easy way to save a little money. This one is for DIY fabric crystals. I made a batch and have been using it all month, it leaves a very light subtle tone of smell. Nothing over powering at all. No chemicals and affordable compared to what you buy in store. 

A bag of Epsom salt, I happened to have 2 bags laying around glad to be using them finally!
30-40 drops Essential Oil, I mixed Lemon and Lavender

container with lid for storage, I store mine right on the washer
plastic container or bucket to mix it all together in 

I scooped out 4 cups to start with, add the oils and mixed them around with my hands in the container. Until no clumping and that's it! That simple. I use 4-6 tablespoons of the mix in the laundry 

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  1. Anonymous21.1.14

    Yeah, thank you Kelly I will be doing this today!
    It'sChristie Prososki I had to do Anonymous I love all this stuff. Thanks you for using your time for us all who are just now getting a wise as you! It's so thoughtful of you!


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