Monday, December 30, 2013

Our Christmas

I figure its better late then never huh? What a awesome season, I got a lot done! Caleb and I kept busy as usual with fun Christmas activities like Zoo lights, making cookies and we got the chance to see "The Nutcracker" Ballet. We had a beautiful Christmas, Caleb and I flew over to New Mexico and spent 5 days with my mom, dad and brother. It was hard to put everything down here and just leave, but its family and at some point I had to mentally tell myself Christmas was next week. We went to a casino, watched Frozen at the movies, Visited a popular carwash from breaking bad, did some thrift store shopping, played card games, made some loom bracelets, watched movies, had some wine, went on a nature trail near rio grand river. I miss them and wish were from the same state at least, but I'm thankful that my mom and dad moved closer. They are driving here in 4 months to help me move to another apartment, hopefully one that I can stay at for a few years!

Caleb & I 'Nut Cracker' ballet
the ballet
Zoo lights

 At grandmas
 at the Rio Grand river


  1. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful Christmas! So neat that you got to go to the Breaking Bad car wash!


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