Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Decorating

I say this every eyar and sure I'm not going to stop saying it now..........WOW, Where has the time gone?! Its December already! Eeeek! I have been booming in my Etsy business shop {thank you Lord} and time literally gets away from me. This season is going to be special, as Caleb and I are going to fly over to NM and be with my family for 5 days during Christmas. A first EVER that I left my shop during this time of year, but let this be a reminder to me not to panic and worry. I NEED my family, they aren't here forever and time is so valuable with them.
Being the dark after Thanksgiving, its a tradition to decorate the house and put up the tree. Seeing Caleb and I no longer have the space we did before, being in a one bedroom apartment I had to get rid of a lot of things. This included a beautiful 300$ tree I JUST bought at sears 2 years ago. There was NO ROOM at all for it. So I donated it and bought a skinny 6" foot tree that can literally fit anywhere. It WORKS. We played Christmas music and put up lights outside on the rail and had a merry time.
Looks like home.


  1. Great how it looks

  2. Anonymous8.12.13

    that a skinny little tree!

  3. I love all of the vintage ornaments. So unique and beautiful!

  4. Anonymous11.12.13

    I love that skinny tree! It takes up so little room...

  5. Your decorations are beautiful! I love your tree. =0)

  6. Christian Serratos26.12.13

    Your son looks cute in sweatshirt.



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