Monday, November 4, 2013

More Halloween


WHEW! Had enough of these darn Halloween posts? We have seriously been THAT busy, you know what? I LOVE it, it drives me "batty" to have to stay home for the weekend. I am a busy body and prefer a busy schedule to keep me busy and my mind running.
So Caleb was off for a 1 1/2" week Fall break, I sent him to class with some treat Halloween goodie bags for all the kids in his class. He was excited to pass them out. Same day we passed out all of Caleb's b-day invites as well, happening all too fast! His birthday is coming up on Nov 8th and his party is on the 9th at a small arcade here in town.
Caleb also hand drew his first pumpkin design for his pumpkin, scaled to fit and outlined it. I did the carving, it turned out just perfect!



  1. Caleb makes a great vampire! The jack-o-lanterns look awesome too. This was the first year we didn't decorate or carve pumpkins. =(
    I bet he can't wait for his birthday party at the arcade!

  2. So much fun, I'm sure he had a blast! His costume looks awesome!


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