Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Headed to the mountains...

Its that time of year here in Colorado, where the changing of the seasons has begun. Trees are starting to change colors, the temperatures are cooling off. I have lived here in Colorado for over six years now and never seen the Aspen trees in the mountains, I had heard it was a sight to see. So I did some Internet re-search and found a special spot up in the mountains called "Georgetown Railroad" Its a train that takes you 600+ feet off the ground and is one hour long.
Surrounding the train ride are Aspen trees.
So I booked our open cabin seats over the week and we went this last Saturday. It was a long and winding trip up the mountains. We enjoyed our ride, some Aspens were changing colors. Its different, they are in large clusters all over the mountains and look like what I keep saying "veins" trailing down. Pretty neat, Caleb was over the moon about the whole train ride itself and was peering over the edge in complete silence {taking it all in}. After we visited some of the local small shops and had some ice cream and headed home! I seriously can't get enough of this time of year. I start our many fall festivities in October and is always a fun filled month for us



  1. I've never been on a train ride, so one like this one would be absolutely awesome! The views...Oh wow! =)

  2. This looks so fun! I'm from Colorado but haven't ever done that. It's this time of year that I miss living close to the mountains!

  3. The photos show such beautiful colours! I love this time of year. (stopping by from blogging buddies)

  4. Gorgeous colors from my favorite season! I won't be in the mountains until January though, so I'll miss all the leaves!


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