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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall Walk

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Every year I pack up my camera and go on a walk too sight see all the beautiful changing Colorado trees, so many beautiful colors. I guess they don't call it "Colorful Colorado" for nothing! Red's, Oranges, Purples, Yellows and so many more combos of changing colors. Its a artist's pallet really! I appreciate these things, I'm originally from Texas and I had never got to experience what it was like too see so many symphony's of clustered colors, what a sight for our eyes. I smile daily on my normal drive around town, it never gets old. So Caleb came with me on this run and we got some pictures!

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  1. I will be doing some fall walks soon. Our trees are just now turning here in NC. Good pictures!

  2. Fall walks are some of the BEST walks ever! Beautiful photos, Kelly. =0)


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