Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Craw fishing

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I think I like this more than my son. Craw fishing, is so fun. I grew up down south doing this in the front of our yard. We lived near a lake and there was a small creek that ran along in front of everyone's yard {ours included} and I would fish them out and mess with them. So my son should enjoy it as well, Caleb more leery that I ever was, heck half the fun was being dangerous with them.
Today was Caleb's dads parenting day and we all got together to have some fun! There's a spot here in town that a river runs under a bridge and if you time it right there's no water under the bridge but on both sides of the front and back is surrounded by water. So we stay under the bridge and crawfish. This is our second year doing it and we caught double than last year, no we don't eat them. We catch and release.
How does one crawfish you ask? Easy:  
1. purchase a few nets { I got ours at dollar general}
2. get some twine/thread etc. something to tie a hotdog with
3. purchase package of cheapo .99 cents hot dogs
4. find a nice water spot, they like warmer streams
5. tie a cut piece of hotdog on a string them tie to a stick and dangle it in the water.
It was funny this year we didn't use the nets too much, the poor critters were so hungry they latched on to the dog and we lifted them out of the water still eating the hotdogs on the stick! This was a summer activity that was on out bucket lit D O N E !
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  1. I've never been craw fishing. I had no idea you do it with hot dogs! That's pretty neat. I can just imagine pulling a stick back to see a craw fish munching on a hot dog. =0) Looks like fun!

  2. How cool! looks like u all had a fun time!


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