Monday, August 19, 2013

The rest of our Summer

Again, because so much happened at once its hard for me to blog about it in separate posts! Will all add here. We have been so busy and just trying to get into the flow of things again. Caleb started first grade! Glad to say he has already made a few friends, not sure why I ever even worried? Its a new school and new people, but my kiddo has a magnetic personality and attracts friends in no time at all. If only it were this easy for me.
we went to several farmers markets this year, anytime I see them I shop them. Not only is the food good for you but I also like to support local businesses anytime I can.
I promised Caleb all day yesterday that we would go after dinner and have ice cream at coldstone. So packed up and knew it was raining a little. A little turned into ALOT. One of the largest storms I have seen here... in Colorado {We just don't get those good ole storms like in Tx}. It was coming down by the bucket fulls, sideways raining sounding like little rocks thrown at my car. My cell phone starts vibrating and flashing while driving letting me know we have a flash flood. Tree limbs all over the roads. I have never driven in weather like this for any reason let alone some ice cream! We made it to the shop and was thinking, omg these people are going to think I'm nuts! Nope. the store was packed full of people, a line out the door. See? Other people had to have it too HAHAHA. There was no where to sit, so we ran out the car and ate our wet and melting ice cream. Caleb asked "is the rain mad at us?"

One late afternoon walk

There are no beaches here in Colorado, just these beautiful big adventurous mountains. So we have to improvise and go to a man made beach. One that's here in our City, at a local Park. We spent the day making sand castles and collecting tiny sea shells.


  1. Crazy story about your ice cream at Coldstone! I hate driving in weather like that - it's so scary. Glad you got your ice cream and made it home all right. I bet the ice cream was yummy!
    The man made beach looks just as fun as a real beach, so I'm glad you got to go and play there. =0)

  2. awesome story and very yummy one as well
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