Friday, August 16, 2013

New Pets


So my son Caleb has asama, which can be triggered with his severe allergies. His allergies are to dogs and cats, which breaks my heart. I grew up with critters and lots of cats. He loves cats. So we had him panel tested for other small rodents. He was in the clear. We tried our hand at guinea pigs last year and I found out I was allergic. So they had to go. This year and for the last few months we have adopted 4 pet fancy rats. Now before you star thinking "ew" and "no way" like I did. I want you to know for younger kids these animals are AMAZING. They are smart, sociable and clean. They clean themselves all day. They don't "stink" if your taking care of their cage right and the best part? Mt son ADORES them and looks forward to spending time with them daily.
The first one we got as a "trail run" and was a older rat we adopted from craigslist about 5 months ago. Her name is Templeton, since then she has aged and is only expected to live another few months. We knew this going in and didn't matter. We would love her the same. Then I found a rat rescue/breeder online and obtained our other 3 baby girls Margaret, Diamond and Ruby. We have a wonderful setup for them in a 3 story cage and they get "free roam" in a blocked off part of hall with my son daily. They are on a special rat made diet, that's healthier than store bought and then lad blocks that are organic. Plus awesome greens/fish etc, for dinners. I have learned them one trick so far and that's for them to come to me when I make a "kissy" sound with my mouth. I'm enjoying them just as much as my son!
their home, I found a seller on Etsy that makes awesome hammocks etc.

homemade diet, you can get it here


  1. So once upon a time I had two rats, Nymh and Basil. They were the sweetest little things ever-they love you like a dog does-unconditionally. They also get all excited to see you and you get to give them little treats. They were one of the best pets I ever had! If I didn't have to clean the cage so often (because they can get stinky) I'd get more-but I'm just too busy right now for it. Maybe someday!

  2. Aw, your guys rats are too cute! I had a mouse once when I was in school and it was the sweetest little thing. So glad that you guys were able to find a pet you both enjoy and aren't allergic too!


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