Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Catch Up

Pic from one of my bike rides, I have been going twice a week and increased my miles to 6-7 every trip.
Lets do some summer catching up, Caleb's summer is whizzing by. We are having so much fun and mommy is making sure its packed with fun things for the both of us to enjoy. Swimming, biking, fun events every month.
Caleb has his "back to school" ice cream social on August 5th! WOAH that happened too fast! I enjoy him being home with me and not having to wake up at 7:30 the morning, so nice to sleep in. We got his backpack and lunch kit, his school clothing and shoes are done. Just need the supplies! He's excited.
I found a wonderful church here in my city, its such a relief to attend and know its my new home. Before I had searched for years and had not found one we liked till now.
we had a week where it was raining everyday and Caleb made his own boats daily and floated them down streams

Caleb had swim lessons, then I have taken him to the pool many times so far this summer

Our first time doing a drive in movie! This was seriously amazing and so cheap!
We are going back soon

ice cream all summer.

packing up my bike and riding often


  1. Looks like you guys have had an amazing summer so far, I love the fun pictures!

  2. The ice cream looks good but those nature shots from your bike rides are stunning! You should blow them up and frame them!


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