Friday, June 28, 2013

parker days festival

Summer is usually packed full of activities for Caleb and I, its the only time of year that allows us to enjoy the outdoors and get some sun kissed skin!
You have any plans??
Living in Colorado we just don't get enough good weather and before we know it its fall/winter again for a very long time. Its very important to enjoy the outdoors daily for us.
So, this was one on my calendar. Parker Day Festival. First time going, wont be the last. I must say this had to be the largest and the best one I have ever been too. Three separate parts for carnival rides, vendors galore, just so much too do and see!


  1. Anonymous28.6.13

    That looks like a total blast! And I absolutely love the Phineas and Ferb photo area -my son and me love that show too.

  2. Hi, it seems a really nice day. I like your pictures.

  3. I always love those big carnival slides! And petting zoos are awesome.


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