Wednesday, June 5, 2013

our space #2

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I gave Caleb the room, its only right. I do have one small area of the room with a dresser mirror and few of my personal things setup around it, will take pics of that area when completed. For the most part 90% of it is his. I love the way its pulling together, there are a few more things I want to add. Like: a few more smaller vintage pics to the one wall and a nice area rug and a few custom pillows.
His room was done in vintage, which I adore.
welcome to my kiddos special place...
Books found at a thrift store
computer tron I did a Etsy trade on, I had this SAME computer in 1986 when I was my sons age. Wow did it bring back the memories..

 I LOVE this globe, its vintage and has the rasied mountains on them so you can physically feel them.  I also did a Etsy trade for this one.

Vintage School clock, I found on Etsy it was refurbished by a very talented artist. Again a wonderful Etsy trade. The mushroom print, I found at a thrift store. Its so neat when you look at it up close its 3d. The Mary/Madonna copper framed print, was handmade by my great grandfather. I had it stored for years and then recently took it to hobby lobby and had it custom framed, so special. The moon, is a thrift store find and glows when turned on "moon in my room". The finger print tree was created by my son for his 100th day of kindergarten, hung by a vintage clothing hanger. Large print found at hobby lobby
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Vintage bubble gum wall art, I found at a thrift store. I took it all apart. Cleaned it up, re stapled it and added REAL GUM! How fricking cool is that? It actually dispenses gum at the bottom by turning the knob.

bed frame I found on craigslist and then Caleb picked out the bedding at Target!
The kiddo has more toys that he knows what to do with, its nicely organized in bins {too bad it wont stay that way!}

my little space...

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  1. I love the color outside the lines picture. That is so awesome!

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  2. Love the vintage look! I really like the globe and the computer tron! Ahh!!! I remember those computers. =0)
    It all looks great, and I missed part 1, so I'll have to go and peek.

  3. Anonymous5.6.13

    Oh my gosh I love what you did with the gumball picture - that is so awesome!!!
    Love how you decorated the room :D

  4. Wow this space is amazing...I also love the black! Gives a great clean look to the room! I am co-hosting a party with 3 other bloggers called The Project Stash and it is starting tonight at 8:00 pm EST. I'd love for you to stop by and link up your project! There is also a Shabby Apple Giveaway!


  5. Looks great! I was so gald to see your globe! Kids don't learn the relationship of countries from looking online! I remember globes being in every classroom and the relief globes were the coolest!

    Hoorah for etsy trades too!



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