Tuesday, June 4, 2013

our space #1

we're getting there. Slowly the new crib is coming together, the living space and kitchen are just about complete! Wanna see? Caleb and I are living in a 1b1b apartment. Its small but mighty~!
come on in and have a looksy.



  1. Yay for a new space! I'm a fan of bright colors, but I love the rich earth tones you've got going on here. Stopping by from the blog team. xo, Mary

  2. I love the bookcase and rug!

  3. It looks great, Kelly! When everything is all done, you can sit down and relax and say, "It's good to be home!" =0)

  4. Anonymous5.6.13

    I love the way you decorated it!
    I'm a total book nerd and had to check out the books you have ha ha.. Have you read Patient Zero? I've had my eye on that book for a while but haven't convinced myself to buy it quite yet.


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