Thursday, June 20, 2013

my sons graduation

I'm just a little late with this post! I had the pictures on my computer and wanted to share, Caleb graduated Kindergarten last month. He was so sad too see it all go, we moved so he had to say good bye to all his friends and teachers. I feel bad up rooting him and re-planting in a new school but hope it goes as well as this last year did.
 We got his teacher a adorable gift, was a soap set purchased here on Etsy
Caleb's dad and grandmother also showed up for support, I surprised Caleb with a few graduation balloons, stuffed animal, 2 books and a Lego graduation figurine. I cried several times, here I thought I could contain myself {yea right}. Then we all had lunch outside and it was over.
A few days ago I took Caleb and I for a bike ride to his new school, its a lot smaller and older. Hoping maybe seeing its smaller maybe it will be OK? His old school was huge, new and all the best of technology. I'm going to seriously miss his old one. BUT life changes and we have to change with it.
Caleb and his teacher



  1. He looks so cute in his cap. And graduating from kindergarten is a big first step in education.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  2. I love the caps - and his diploma is awesome (lovin the handprints)! Congrats, Caleb!!! =0)

  3. That is so sweet. I'm sure he will be just fine in his new school and wish him the best. Bringing him balloons, books and a figurine was a great idea!

  4. Anonymous20.6.13

    Aw congrats to him! He looks so cute with that graduation hat.


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