Monday, June 3, 2013

meet beautiful...

So if you have been keeping up on this blog, you know that we adopted a pet guinea pig last year. Well, long story short I had to get rid of him. I was highly allergic and suffering from allergies really bad to the point to where i was buying steroids for a itchy scalp.
So, Caleb was pet-less again.
 A little back history, Caleb has ashama to cat and dog dander, so he is not allowed a cat or dog.
 On the way home last night, I spontaneously stopped off at petco and adopted one pet fish for Caleb. We bougt the entire setup for it and Caleb got to pick his fish out and the decor for the tank.
He named him "Beautiful". Beautiful has made a large impact on Caleb.
Since when does getting a 2.5 G tank and all the items and one fish cost over 100$??!


  1. Beautiful is a great name! Bettas ARE beautiful. =0) You got a nice bright one too, and I bet it loves its new home (looks awesome).

  2. Bettas are really cool fish. And they are so pretty. I'm sure Caleb will enjoy his new pet.

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