Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lego Mini Figurines Storage Solution

As I was cleaning out some supplies in my shop and re-arranging beads etc. I decided to down grade and try and make more room by getting rid of one of my layered bead totes. Got it all cleaned up and thought "hmmm this would make a great Lego figurine storage case!" so that's what I did! So simple and easy, this same case can be found at hobby lobby and then use this coupon here to get 40% off of it if it not already on sale! We used ours for Lego mini figurines, gems, weapons, animals and those tiny little pieces. So now they wont be buried deep in with the larger bricks, plus Caleb favors his guys more than anything else. Easy access!

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  1. Anonymous25.6.13

    That's such a neat idea and looks like everything fits perfect in there. Good thinking!

  2. Anonymous25.6.13

    That is such a great idea! I don't know if my boys would keep it organized like that though.. but it would be worth a try :D

  3. i bought something similar for my sons minifigures...i try to teach him to organize "body parts" in the diff't cubbies but it's still a work in progress

  4. Perfect storage solution! My boys always put their figurines in different places, and they get all messed up. This is great!

  5. The facilities are immaculate and well lit which was important for me. I did not want to go to some dingy place where I couldn't see who was around the corner. They are professional and friendly and the best part - they offered freshly baked cookies!! Now who doesn't love cookies?


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