Monday, May 6, 2013

we cleaned up your trash.

may not have been yours personally, but we cleaned it up. In honor of earth day, Caleb and I picked up a part of mother earth and made her clean again. On the way to Calebs school is a long stretch of area that is over run with trash, it looks horrible. So that's where we decided to start, we only did about a half mile strip but did manage to almost fill up a entire 30 gallon trash bag.


  1. Hooray for Earth Day! Thank you for cleaning up the earth. I bet lots of people noticed the area once it was clean and pretty. Makes a big difference.

  2. Great lesson for the kids! I've thought about doing this with our own family.


    (Found you on Skip to my Lou!)

  3. Nice Work Caleb, its great seeing kids be productive, and doing things to help their future!!

  4. Great work. Especially the fact that your son is helping you. If we all did clean someone else's trash the world would have been a better place. And imagine if we didn't throw our own trash recklessly away!

  5. I think you are such a great mom! You do so much for your son, and I love that you are instilling him with such good values like this.


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