Wednesday, May 15, 2013

new bikes & biking adventure

Every year around this time, I say "I'm going to get a bike". So finally after all these years, I did. I got a Trek Green bike and LOVE it. Its fits me like a glove. Caleb also got a Trek bike, in Blue. We have gone twice since we purchased and plan on doing it 3-4 times a week, hoping to let go and release some tension.

We went to a reservoir here in the city and it had a awesome bike trail, was 7 miles long. We completed it, was way to long for Caleb. I felt so bad and guilty for making him do it. Won't be doing that much for him again, he had a hard time and no wonder it was a long trail! We did see some pretty cool wildlife, a huge hawk that was trying to eat a turtle. I saved the turtle and ran him across the road to the pond. HA! Reminded me of the old days, my mom and I would stop the car for a turtle trying to cross the road and help him across. My mom still does this, shes awesome like that.

So the plan is to shape up and loose 15 pounds and to let go of some stress, sound good?



  1. Anonymous15.5.13

    Just come across your blog from your link on Free Pretty Things. Well done for saving the turtle! Bet it felt lucky you'd come by! Looks like a lovely bike ride.

  2. I love being active and so I welcome every chance for getting some physical activity. Great bikes, have a lovely summer biking around!

  3. Bike riding is a really wonderful activity, it's so nice to hear that you found your perfect bike, and in a lovely green too! Enjoy the sunshine :)

  4. I miss bike riding! I haven't had a bike in years, but it's always fun - and a great way to exercise. Glad you saved the turtle too. =0)

  5. My hubby and I have been talking about getting bikes for years and we haven't done it. I think we might start actually looking soon!

  6. Yay! I LOVE my bike, but we now live in a VERY hilly area and I am seriously out of shape. You can ride for me! :)


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