Tuesday, May 14, 2013

goodbye to old friends and hello to new

Caleb's a social bug, hes always in the "thick" of it. The first teacher conference I had, I was informed that he was socially doing great and that's no surprise. My kiddo will make friends with anyone as long as they listen and can talk back! I have to stop him from going up to groups of giggling 12 year old girls all the time!

So, our old place we moved from had two other little boys around his age that were his "first friends" ever. He had to say his goodbyes and went out with a bang with some chalk on the street for ole' good times sake. My heart breaks for Caleb, I know that's got to be ruff. New home, new people and soon to be a new school for 1st grade. I know he'll adapt well, its in his DNA.

So here at the new place, second day here my mom {who flew in for the inital move, God bless her} took him up the playground in the apartment and Caleb meet all kinds of kids! I hope he can pick a few that will be good with him and make new friends.


  1. Change is always great for kids, no matter how oit looks like in the beginning. Your son will surely find great new friends and challenges to make him the great person you are expecting him to be. Warm regards!

  2. It's so much easier for kids to adapt to new surroundings than most of us realize. He'll make loads of new great friends soon.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  3. It's so easy to want to stay in our comfort zone, but change is inevitable, and change is good. It's definitely hard to say goodbye and have so much change all at once, but I've said it before, and I'll say it again - He is his mother's son. He's going to do so well, and you and him together - unstoppable! I'm really glad to know that your mom came out to help you with the big move and all. Mothers are awesome. And who knows? Maybe you can make Caleb some play dates with his old buddies from time to time and keep in touch. Congrats on this new change, for you and for Caleb. You're doing well!


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