Wednesday, May 29, 2013

8 things that freak me out

I seen this super cute post over at for this idea and had to give a go as well!

1. Chiropractors, seriously this is number one.  I just recently went to one and had some adjustments on my neck and talk about freaky!! I could hear thousands of cracks when he did it, thought I was going to toss my cookies. Cant say I will ever go back. Took me the better half of the day to get back to normal.

2. Frozen dinner entries, something about frozen food give me the creeps. I'm all about fresh and organic, so I just cant see or do frozen chicken nuggets, frozen lasagna etc. why not just cook it??

3. Bums, not just homeless..but bums..They scare me

4. SPIDERS, I get chills just thinking of them.

5. screaming and high pitched squeals, makes me all panicky inside

6. Darkness. This is a BIG one. I sleep with nightlights on

7. dental floss and flossing, because the thought of digging up nasty food eeks me. BUT its a necessary evil

8. That LAST sip of your drink. I'm thinking of all the cooties in there, cant do it and never have.

What doesn't make me uncomfortable?
- Letting my kiddo know hes out of line in public
- Praising God during worship
- Being alone at any given time, I'm comfortable in my own skin
- talking to a total stranger
- new destinations and plans
- getting blood work done every 3 months for last 15 years {thyroid disorder}


  1. Anonymous29.5.13

    Thanks for the shout-out! I had so much fun with this post idea :D
    My boyfriend goes to the chiropractor a lot, and it freaks me out! I am so afraid they will make it worse instead of better ha ha.
    Spiders are disgusting, vile critters. Yuck!
    I hate the dark too!

  2. I have never been to the chiropractor, but know many who swear by them. No thanks on thank one!

    I am horrified of praying mantis. I scream and run, but I will kill copperheads for me and for neighbors. They call me to do so. One night I came home from the town and to my horror, there were praying mantis' all over my front porch. I carried all my "stuff" around back to enter thru the back door. I only used the back door for several days.

    Those yucky creatures finally went away and I ut seven dust all around everything out front! LOL



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