Friday, May 31, 2013

Field Day 2013

Caleb had his field day at school, its almost that time of year where he soon graduates from kindergarten, wow did that happen fast! I took the day off from stamping and computer work to share this day with him. He had a blast. I went in with him in the morning and then the kiddos were divided into partners, Caleb got partnered with one of his buddies. I watched over them and guided them. 2 hours of fun filled events/activities. Things like: bouncy house, water slides, wet sponge, tug a roper, basket ball, chalk and so much more! My kiddo is wearing the Blue shirt, he made a tie dye one in art class 



Wednesday, May 29, 2013

8 things that freak me out

I seen this super cute post over at for this idea and had to give a go as well!

1. Chiropractors, seriously this is number one.  I just recently went to one and had some adjustments on my neck and talk about freaky!! I could hear thousands of cracks when he did it, thought I was going to toss my cookies. Cant say I will ever go back. Took me the better half of the day to get back to normal.

2. Frozen dinner entries, something about frozen food give me the creeps. I'm all about fresh and organic, so I just cant see or do frozen chicken nuggets, frozen lasagna etc. why not just cook it??

3. Bums, not just homeless..but bums..They scare me

4. SPIDERS, I get chills just thinking of them.

5. screaming and high pitched squeals, makes me all panicky inside

6. Darkness. This is a BIG one. I sleep with nightlights on

7. dental floss and flossing, because the thought of digging up nasty food eeks me. BUT its a necessary evil

8. That LAST sip of your drink. I'm thinking of all the cooties in there, cant do it and never have.

What doesn't make me uncomfortable?
- Letting my kiddo know hes out of line in public
- Praising God during worship
- Being alone at any given time, I'm comfortable in my own skin
- talking to a total stranger
- new destinations and plans
- getting blood work done every 3 months for last 15 years {thyroid disorder}

Friday, May 24, 2013


I adore them. Something about them that says strength. Plus Im game for ANYTHING nature.
 Recently I have decided to get a tattoo and will either be on trees or bird, maybe both? Will post pics when I make the move. So these were collected on my pinterest board here, enjoy


Thursday, May 23, 2013

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spring Flowers

 Yet another tradition that Caleb and I have is that every mothers day we go to our local garden center here and pick out flowers for the yard, this year for the deck. He picked one and I picked the rest, so glad the weathers been just gorgeous here! I picked a few different types of Flowers that are suppose to attract butterflies, so we will see! They smell fantastic so far.
We went to nicks garden center here in town for the flowers and Caleb got to feed their live koi, so so pretty! These fish are huge and just beautiful. I caught Caleb just sitting there smiling at them, in his own world and they made him so happy. I'll have to take him back for more. I also got a free "mothers day" flower from nicks.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Denver Zoo

 Its a tradition every year Caleb and I head to the Zoo in Denver for mothers day, so we did it again. A bit more people there than the last few years, chalked it up to it being just beautiful weather. FINALLY we are seeing some Spring weather. I "think" the snow is done?
We had a great time and took plenty of pictures, Caleb's favorite animals are the penguins. Mine personally were the peacocks that walk around in the Zoo.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

new bikes & biking adventure

Every year around this time, I say "I'm going to get a bike". So finally after all these years, I did. I got a Trek Green bike and LOVE it. Its fits me like a glove. Caleb also got a Trek bike, in Blue. We have gone twice since we purchased and plan on doing it 3-4 times a week, hoping to let go and release some tension.

We went to a reservoir here in the city and it had a awesome bike trail, was 7 miles long. We completed it, was way to long for Caleb. I felt so bad and guilty for making him do it. Won't be doing that much for him again, he had a hard time and no wonder it was a long trail! We did see some pretty cool wildlife, a huge hawk that was trying to eat a turtle. I saved the turtle and ran him across the road to the pond. HA! Reminded me of the old days, my mom and I would stop the car for a turtle trying to cross the road and help him across. My mom still does this, shes awesome like that.

So the plan is to shape up and loose 15 pounds and to let go of some stress, sound good?


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

goodbye to old friends and hello to new

Caleb's a social bug, hes always in the "thick" of it. The first teacher conference I had, I was informed that he was socially doing great and that's no surprise. My kiddo will make friends with anyone as long as they listen and can talk back! I have to stop him from going up to groups of giggling 12 year old girls all the time!

So, our old place we moved from had two other little boys around his age that were his "first friends" ever. He had to say his goodbyes and went out with a bang with some chalk on the street for ole' good times sake. My heart breaks for Caleb, I know that's got to be ruff. New home, new people and soon to be a new school for 1st grade. I know he'll adapt well, its in his DNA.

So here at the new place, second day here my mom {who flew in for the inital move, God bless her} took him up the playground in the apartment and Caleb meet all kinds of kids! I hope he can pick a few that will be good with him and make new friends.

Monday, May 13, 2013

we moved.

we did it. The eagle has landed. Can I tell you how much I do not like to move? Its hard work! Toss in a squirmy 6 year old high energy boy and its total madness. I'm barely keeping it together over here. {Thank goodness for wine, let me tell you..} Let me start off with a short story of how it all went down 48 hours into the thick of it all.

So the day before the big move and my mother and I decide to go and pre-clean the apartment out. We are germ-a-phobes and need to know its clean before making a nest. So we have all our cleaning supplies and vacuums etc. ready to go and we get to the apartments and get the keys and head over to the place. I open the door and WHAM! A wall of super funk from a chain smokers smelly home hits my nose. My eyes were burning and watering {moms as well}. No thank you. I would stay and try and mask things over and air it out and shampoo and pray that the smell would go away with son has Asama, this is a deal breaker. So, I march myself to the office and get another apartment, I go there and ahhh new carpet no smells at all and its clean. Great in all, but it just occurs to me that the old place has lights on water on and address changed to that etc. etc. So long story shorter..I changed all the items over to new place, another address form filled out {this makes my third} and I'm good to go. Or one would think right? Nope, as of this isn't enough. So moving day arrives, it gos smooth the bill is around 200$ higher than I was calculating {shows you how good I am at math}, get all my things there and realize I have WAY TOO MUCH CRAP. I don't have room for a kitchen table, a bakers rack, a recliner, a dresser and the lit gos on...Its all piled on my porch and in my living space now {I look like a hoarder and if you know me, I'm the opposite so this is driving me nuts}. I craigslist everything and move on to the next best thing.

So I have a online business and right now its BOOMING with mothers day orders. By the way BIG THANK YOU if you ordered with me this holiday {your awesome}. Its been a challenge to try and get things on track again with finding my tools, supplies, a space to stamp and wait for computer dies. I'm off line for days and days with over 4 pages of messages on etsy with customs. Turns out my graphics card went out and 2 sticks of ram. YAY! more madness. Its fixed now and I'm officially working again. My place is a nightmare for those of us who like clean and organized. Days pass by me and I don't even know it, cant keep up with life in general and hoping there is some normality over the horizon....I could use some of that.

Friday, May 10, 2013

snow sleding

 so apparently Spring doesn't exist in this part of the state, it just passes us by. Here in CO we have 4 months of summer and the rest is either cool, cold or freezing. I'm born and raised down in the deep south and prefer warm weather over cold, I still can't adapt and its been six years since I moved here to the mountains.
It snowed, again. This time something good came of it, Caleb and I went sledding. I have been wanting to do this all year, but it seemed most of the winter either one of was sick and couldn't make it when it snowed. We are both well so we headed out for a little fun, man that look on this kids face was enough to fill my cup. His laughter is contagious and touches my heart. I wish I could be a kid again, to feel no pressure of the world and just have fun.
Well, we did today anyways.....we always have today.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

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Monday, May 6, 2013

we cleaned up your trash.

may not have been yours personally, but we cleaned it up. In honor of earth day, Caleb and I picked up a part of mother earth and made her clean again. On the way to Calebs school is a long stretch of area that is over run with trash, it looks horrible. So that's where we decided to start, we only did about a half mile strip but did manage to almost fill up a entire 30 gallon trash bag.