Thursday, April 4, 2013

Some Easter Fun

A little late posting this, but heck at least I am posting it. ha!

Time ALMOST got the best of me, but not quite. We returned back from vacation and it has taken me a few days to get back into the swing of life again. Time has been really zooming by for some reason? Day before Easter and I remembered a egg hunt that I bookmarked on the net and caught it literally hours before it went down. It was two cities over from us, 25 minute drive {not bad} got there and realized the hunt was to start in 9 minutes and we parked a mile away. So Caleb and I ran to it, made it just in time. 15 seconds later they let the kids loose. Props for this place I found, thousands of eggs in three age groups. Very nice, will head there again next year {with more time} Felt bad for those tons of people with kids that were BEHIND me not running to make it in time.

After the hunt, later in the evening Caleb opened his Easter box sent from his grandma {my mom}. We look forward to her boxes of goodies, even mommy gets cool stuff! Then we dyed eggs, my favorite one so far out of all these years! It was a Tye dye set with glitter, turned out pretty neat.


  1. We didn't even get to coloring eggs this year! Terrible, I know. But we did an egg hunt with plastic eggs. =0)
    Your eggs came out quite nice!

    1. It sneaks up on you!! every year flys by faster than the one before. Its hard, special w/kiddos.


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