Monday, April 29, 2013

LARGE kids consignment sale SCORES

Every year I do this kids consignment sale, called "just between friends". Its held here in Denver and its MASSIVE, filled with anything you could need/want for a baby/child. I went in with a list of things I was looking for and scored some awesome finds at fantastic prices. I paid 100$ for everything pictured and going back again tomorrow for half price day.
what did I get for 100$?
black dress shoes, pedi ped sandles, stride rite sandles
Gymboree golf tee and shorts, gap shorts
boden fish shirt, hanna Anderson striped shirt
Gymboree shirt, popup book
4 sets of lego bionicles, imaginext boat set
bag of cars, jewelry bead case

and........I went back today for HALF PRICE day, scored again and this time only spent 43$! would have been near 90$ without the half off day, love this sale.

what I got with round 2:
keen sandles, gap shorts, gap shirt, gap long sleeve shirt, Gymboree shorts, connect 4x4 game, bag of cars, mummy book, two bags of containers for lunch boxes, Janie and jack tee and matching socks
not bad huh?


  1. Wow! I wonder if we have something like this in Sacramento? This is awesome. Great price for that haul!!!

  2. I would love it if they had this in Sac! This is so cool, you got a ton of stuff.

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