Wednesday, March 6, 2013

getting personal, changes are coming..


I debated not posting this, posting it and then deleting it.
So I'll make this quick and painless, I'm getting a divorce.
I made the call almost one month ago, my ex hub and I have been through to much in the last five years. All of the details I will hold to myself, those don't matter now. What matters now is finding strength and happiness, to push forward and find "myself" again. Feels like I kinda lost touch in that area, time to gain it back. My walls have been up and down for the last few years and trust is something that was lost a long time ago. I will not and can not stay in a marriage where there is no trust, respect and love for one another. I did my part and held in through the years, hope was my strength and now trust is my leader in the new path ahead. I feel its right and I know its right, strange how all these years I never felt so sure as I do now. Papers are being signed, Caleb knows and is handling it better that I would have thought. I found a new place and will be moving here in the next few months, it took weeks of searching to find a place that had a good school district and was affordable for me. So here comes change and I'm ready for it.
So there it is, now just to hit the publish button.


  1. You are one strong and courageous woman. I've seen so many of these posts...people gaining the courage to post this. It's making you so much more relatable. I hope you know that you have a large support group! Me being one of them! I only wish happiness for you in the future & am excited to see where your life takes you. If you ever need a listening ear, hit me up.


  2. Aaaw...Kelly. Change is not always easy. As women, we are strong and become stronger with each new challenge that we face. You hit the publish button! I'm so proud of you! I know it took courage to post this, and courage is going to help get you through the tough time. It's just a chapter in your book of life, sweetie. Caleb handling it better than you expected - that's a blessing. He's his mama's boy, and you've raised him so well. You two are gonna get through all of this. And I'll be here, your virtual buddy, cheering you along the way. Keep your head up and smile. =0)

  3. wishing you happiness. i too feel without trust there is no marriage


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