Thursday, March 28, 2013


My mother {my best friend} sent Caleb and I Easter cards, this year it had a picture of me as a little girl sitting on Easter bunny's lap. Got a good smile out of me which was needed, think I was smiling more at the fact that I had a chili bowl going on. ha!

We have a few things planned out for Easter, I'm searching for a church to take us too. For years now I have been to different ones but not one that I feel right in. I know in time I'll find the right place, I went to one in Texas that I just adored it was a non-denominational one and that's what I'm searching for now.  So Easter service and then his dad will take him for the evening to be with cousins and do a mini egg hunt.

I have been on the prowl to find a "largest in Colorado" egg hunt and found it, at copper mountain {ski area} about 2 hours away from us. Then decided NOT to do it, worried that its going to be insane seeing its the largest in CO and over 50,000 eggs. Found one 20 minutes away that we'll do instead and that will go down a few days before Easter. His basket is made and ready to go. Time is flying by

So, our trip to NM went fantastic. Stayed busy the entire time and got to do some pretty cool things, Caleb was beyond happy to spend some quality time with his uncle. Time go's by way to fast when your having fun. Will take a few days just to re-coop and get back on track again.


  1. I find that moms really know how to get a smile out of their kids at just the right time, and I'm glad you got a smile with that photo.

    Hope you had a great Easter, and I hope we'll get to see photos of the egg hunt!


    1. They really do, she my best friend and not sure what I would do without her.


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