Friday, February 15, 2013

Our Valentines

Day before Valentines, Caleb got to open his box from his grandma {my mother}. She sends him goodies any chance she can get and loves her for it! So he enjoyed tons of goodies the day before, then for Valentines he did his first "swap" with his class, the bug valentines got passed out and he came home with a bag LOADED with fun and beautiful items. Such a special day for him, love seeing it. My mom and I both sent Caleb his first valentines class cupcake gram that they special deliver to his class, anything to make him know hes thought of and loved. Caleb also got to give his teacher a box of chocolates, he was exited to give it to her. What do you think of my first attempt at Tye dye shirt, it was suppose to be a heart in center didn't quite turn out still cute.
How did your day go? any sweet treats?


  1. Anonymous15.2.13

    Sounds like he had a wonderful Valentine's Day! He got lots of great goodies and Valentines :D

  2. The tie-dye shirt came out great! Tie-dying is fun. =0)
    Look at all the loot he brought home. Awesome! I love seeing those Fun Dips by Wonka. I loved those when I was little. Glad Caleb had an awesome Valentine's Day, and I hope you did too.

  3. Too many sweets!! Your son got a lot of gifts for Valentine's day. That is too cool. :D

  4. What an awesome Valentines day!!! Yummy too!!!

  5. I came across your blog & super glad I did. It was perfect timing. Your sons are adorable. Looks like they got spoiled for valentines! Now they know they're loved :)


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