Thursday, January 3, 2013

tribute to winter

I am originally born and raised down south in Texas, a true country girl. Grew up in a small town {not even called a city}, with a population of 18,000. I graduated with kids that I knew since grade school and then attended a University for three years. I meet my hubby, then moved to be closer to him and then shortly after got married.
 I have been here in Colorado for 5+ years and counting, this has been a huge culture shock for me.
Where I grew up is so so much more different then here, one of most extreme things for me is the WEATHER. I cant seem to get with the program and think I am naturally born cold blooded. I cant STAND the cold and its cold here.
I am thankful for White Christmas's which I had never seen or gotten to experience before, as well as sledding for the first time {at age 23}, snow ball fights, snow forts, ice skating, snowflakes, snow anything really. It truly is beautiful. I am trying to be more pro snow and dug up some awesome photography photos, all found on my pinterest board with original artist's listed.
Enjoy and hope you all are staying safe and WARM.


  1. I will never be pro-snow but those are some awesome photos you shared from Pinterest! I'm still ready for spring though ;)

    Blogging Buddies Team

  2. Snow is lovely in pictures, but not to be actually experienced! Decided that after 12 years in Alberta in the 1980's, when the only month we didn't get snow was August (it didn't settle during June and July!) and since we left in 1987, we've learned they've even had it in August too! Mind you, after surviving the second-wettest year on record in the UK (official as of 1100 GMT today!) even the white stuff has some attractions!

    Happy New Year! Isobel: - and Blogging Buddies too!

  3. Anonymous3.1.13

    All of those photos are so cozy. They make me want to hold that cup of cocoa in a pair of my own knit mitts, while looking out the window at a winter wonderland.

    I have always had snow in my life, being from Canada. But I hated winter until I moved to the far north (Yellowknife, NWT) and had to figure out a way to stay sane in -40 C weather and six months of winter. You'll get used to it. Once you know how to dress for the weather, you can start to enjoy it!


  4. those pictures are amazing!

  5. These photos are so awesome! We never have white Christmases where I live, so I love looking at all the pretty white snow. =0)

  6. Beautiful collection of photographs. They make me even more excited for it to snow where I live.


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