Monday, January 28, 2013


Watching my son jump on this thing for the first time was like a blast of fresh air, he was joyous on a level that only kids seem to be able to reach. His dad set it up for him while he was at school and we drove up as it was being finalized, Caleb yelped and flew outta the car before I could completely stop and park.

It was cold outside but he did not care, he actually looked at the book that came with it for "how to jump" and "trick"ideas. He learned fast and pulled off some pretty sweet maneuvers.


  1. Trampolines are so cool! I always wanted one when I was a kid. But at least a couple of my friends had trampolines, so I got to jump.
    Over the weekend we watched Step It Up Revolution, and in that movie, some of the dancers do some tricks on a trampoline. =0)

  2. Anonymous28.1.13

    So sweet! It really brings back some memories of childhood.

  3. Fun! I miss our trampoline. It broke :/

  4. Looks like he is having a ball! And that safety net on yours is great. I remember lots of fun days trampolining when I was little :) but we had a big one with those metal exposed springs. Many a boo-boo made haha

  5. Anonymous28.1.13

    Oh, how fun for him!

  6. Anonymous29.1.13

    How fun! I would love to be able to get my boys a trampoline :D


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