Monday, January 14, 2013

Thrift Store Scores

I have my select 3 hot spot thrift stores here and they are seriously the best, low priced and I seem to find something every time. I have a serious love for thrift shopping, this has been a affair for years. I spoted these oxidized vintage spoons hanging on hooks and snatched them up. They are gorgeous , I love the natural colors {reminds me of my jewelry}. 

However I plan on USING these beauties
hubby showed me a trick with tooth paste and shined them right up!!

As I was strolling down the isles,  my eye spotted IT.

IT was THE PERFECT tool storage solution.
 I gave out a happy squeal and snatched it up.

I swear these kinda of things can cost hundreds of dollars over the Internet. I have been lucky twice to find them BOTH at the thrift store, my old one and the new one. This one is a Cherry colored wooden one with Black velvet on the inside. Double the size of my last one, perfectly fits some of my smaller items. OVER THE MOON about this one. One on right is my old one, one on left is the new one.

what I scored:

large wooden tool organizer box 5$
glass jar, holding some design stamps 0.25
hand painted picture of a tree and river 5$
bag vintage cars {for Caleb} 2$
bag of vintage silver plated soup spoons 8$

Do you shop thrift?


  1. I love thrift shopping! Seems like I could always spend way more than I can afford!!

  2. love thrift the hunt for something old beautiful...and usually one of a kind

  3. I too love to thrift shop. I look for glass containers or things that I can use for crafts. Trouble is I pick up stuff that I "Intend" to use but dont. It gets put with the rest of the finds. I try not to go so often now unless I am looking for something in particular.
    Its just so much fun, I sometimes dream about it haha

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  5. The spoons and the organizer...Awesome scores!!! I love thrift shopping!

  6. Great finds! I'm a bit obsessed with organizing tools. I love it!

    Stopped by from the Etsy Teams to follow your amazing blog. :)

  7. I want to shop thrift! People find the greatest things, but I still enjoy buying new.

  8. Anonymous17.1.13

    You buy new Angelica - when you donate it to thrift stores, we'll buy it from them...OK?


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