Monday, January 7, 2013

medicate one's self with shopping..

I LOVE to shop, its no surprise. There is a really nice mall a few city's over {15 minutes away} and I have been secretly plotting to when I could find the time to go and see what it was all about. We always tend to go to that one part of the mall for the cheesecake factory but never shopping! So Caleb and I spent the day shopping, literally the entire day from morning to evening and I still didn't get a change to fully enjoy all the stores. You know that saying "shop till you drop?" yes this one. I get it from my mom, shes a SHOPPER more than me and can keep going.

So, Caleb is such a trooper when it comes to mommy shopping and is so patient. I treated him to some Lego's {from the Lego store} and two pair of shoes from Stride Rite {he got to pick them out} and lunch. I treated myself to some glittery copper shoes from Buckle {on sale!}, a Brown scarf from Urban Outfitter, glitter eyeliners from Sephora, a Coach Black leather wristlet {I needed a larger one to fit my new samsung Galaxy s2 phone} and a tea cup from anthropology. I tried on over 50 pair of Tan leather boots and couldn't find not one to fit me, maybe next time.

shoes like mine can be found on

I had to take some pics so you can see one of the eye liners I tried on soon as I got home, it was the copper one! LOVE it
Caleb's stash, hats at GAP for only 3$!! Shirts from gap for 6$ and the shoes from stride rite {they were on sale as well}


  1. Looks like you made out pretty good!

    Blogging Buddies Team

  2. Finding deals is great, but Ialso find that sometimes they make you buy stuff you wouldn't normally even consider buying. However, if you got what you need, then good for you!! :)

  3. i love shopping, it is a sickness i am trying to cure, lol!


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