Friday, January 4, 2013

FREE ADD SPACE, seeking sponsors

I have always had this area of my blog and never really promoted it and now that I have this fresh and amazing new blog layout and a bunch of new blog plans for 2013. I want to gain some new awesome sponsors!! Here's the deal..
your SITE or BLOG advertised on my blog for FREE for two months!

SERIOUSLY, isn't that awesome?

Long as I approve of the content, I will post it within 24-48 hours for ya and your live on my site! I do ask that you try and keep the images to the tone and feel of my site.

If you want to further continue your sponsoring with yourcharmedlife, then simply purchase a very cheap add space by clicking on the "sponsor" button on top of my blog.

PLEASE NOTE: The sponsor page is still under construction and is not complete, bear with me.

How to:
All you have to do is email me with your 100x100 or 125x125 graphic and the site you would like it linked too and I will promote you!!


  1. I'm stopping by from Blogging Buddies - this looks great!! I went to your Sponsor page but as you said - you are working on it (it's empty right now) - I will check back in a few days.

    1. Hi there, all you do is email me a image and link and Ill do the rest :)

  2. Wow, Kelly! This is awesome. I'll shoot you an email in a bit. =0)

  3. I would love to advertise my etsy shop, you're a doll! Ps. your shop is GORGEOUS. I may need to make a purchase in the near future :)

  4. i've been saving this post in my google reader until i get my blogging butt in gear. i am not quite all the way there, but i am pretty close. if you're still doing this, i am going to email you my image and blog. thanks.


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