Friday, January 18, 2013


I am longing for Spring and summer, where there is life and new beginnings. I found these amazing artists and pictures, which can all be found here on my board "birds" come take a look and give me a follow, I update there often with more gorgeous finds.


  1. Love that photo with the hands...Amazing! Winter has its beauty too, but there's nothing like Spring!

  2. I love the watercolors! I enjoy trying to paint them myself. But none as lovely as these.

  3. That bird drawing on the hands is really beautiful and haunting. I'm so with you on wishing for a warmer season, winter always drags on.

  4. Such beautiful images. While I'm loving the snow at the minute, it is wonderful to look forward and imagine the swifts and swallows coming back and darting through blue skies... the feather painting is just wonderful...


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