Thursday, December 27, 2012

Turkey noodle soup

Or...chicken noodle soup. Seriously we have done both and they equally owned it, this is the BEST noodle soup I have ever had and I have had lots of noodled soups. Usually the day after thanksgiving I typically will hand make some noodles out of dough and let them dry etc. and make it all from scratch BUT this year I wanted shortcut and oh my so glad I did because now this is our new go to. We have since done it with chicken and its amazing as well. I need to do this again next week while its snowy here.
this one can be found HERE


  1. Anonymous27.12.12

    I love any noodle soup! I have tried making it a few times, the first time I forgot salt so we had a very healthy chicken noodle soup.. but the second time went better! I am definitely going to compare recipes and see what I can do to mine to improve! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Soup sounds soooo good right now; namely, because my house is super cold and I'm washing all of my clothes so I'm in thin clothes and no socks...TMI--but it's cold! I'd like to try this. I'm so in love with your new blog layout :-D

  3. YUM! My youngest son has a real bad cough, and I bet this soup would be soothing to that poor throat of his. It looks so tasty!


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