Thursday, December 20, 2012

time to crack down..

time to crack down.. and get to work. Its December and this means business is fantastic in my Etsy shop, I will be buried head deep in orders for the next month. Which means: I need to prioritise my customers orders, not take the weekends off {that means working around the clock}. I'm hoping to complete all orders {15 pages} around 250+ open orders within the next 3 weeks.  The question of the hour, every hour for me in my Etsy messages/store is "can I get it in time for Christmas?"... The answer to that....No you cannot, however these do make AMAZING gifts for after Christmas! If only I had my own little shop with more help {its a dream of mine and hoping to act on this in next few years}
Picture above: left, my swivel bar necklace holder packed with necklaces ready to be shipped. Top right, look how cute my necklace card holders are! Hard to tell but they have a swirly bird on a branch at the top. Middle, husband cooked me a yummy omelet while I was shipping packages bright and early {It took me 4 hours for that particular batch}. Bottom, packages ready for the mail lady to pickup!
"Kelly, how do you do it all?" you ask...I went the other day and purchased two bottles of wine! I went in and told a clerk I was looking for a really good bottle of White dessert wine {its a sweeter wine} and he directed me to the bottle below. YUMMY, seriously if you love wine try this one! Its one simple way of relaxation, along with a nice massage.
My etsy shop, selling hand stamped personalized jewelry


  1. That wine looks very delicious!

  2. Your jewellery is stunning. Christmas must be such a manic time of year for you... but having a lovely glass of wine to see you through is perfect.


  3. Dessert wines are much better! And yay for hubby making you that omelette (looks tasty). You are a busy, busy lady these days. Keep up all the great work! You are awesome!

  4. Your work is so lovely...not surprised you are swamped with orders!


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