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Friday, December 14, 2012

Our Tree

 Our tree.....Is PACKED with ornaments, the way I like it! Seriously...You cant put enough ornaments and fun stuff on a tree in my opinion. Give it more character, I admit I was struggling to find empty spots towards the end. We have a family tradition, passed on from my family that you put up the tree and play Christmas music while decorating. We got it all up hours later and decorated the small bar area and stand as well. Such a beautiful time of year with all the pretty lights and glitter, its going to all happen so fast. Trying to take it all in and enjoy it a little more each year.


  1. Love your decor. Our tree is packed too, with all kinds of kiddie Christmas crafts from years past. Christmas blessings to you and yours!

  2. I love all your decor as well. I feel our tree gets more and more on it each year, we can't get enough cute ornaments!

    Thanks for sharing with Foto Friday,

  3. I love seeing everyone's different styles and Christmas traditions


  4. Wonderful photography ~ love the warmth your decorations exude ~

    (A Creative Harbor) aka artmusedog and Carol ^_^

  5. I love your tree!

  6. Lovely photos! New follower :)
    Thank you for stopping by and linking up at the Friday Chaos this week.
    Have a nice weekend


  7. One day my tree will look like this (I hope). This is our first year with a tree but hopefully we will add more each year. Your tree looks wonderful :)

  8. Your tree has so many unique decorations...very cute.

  9. I agree, a tree can never have too many ornaments!

  10. Your tree is absolutely GREAT! We have tons of ornaments too (never too many!), and one of our traditions is for each child to put on his/her baby ornaments. It's always a good time, family time. =0)

  11. I love your tree and how it's packed with ornaments. Ours is too :)


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