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Friday, December 7, 2012

kitchenaid mixer, about time!

Thats right...Merry Christmas {to me!}
 I bought myself a gift as a {good job on busting your bum with your jewelry shop this holiday} and it was this Red kitchen Aid mixer, why it took me so long I dunno? I LOVE that I can turn it on and walk away to tend to another kitchen task. Now that I am cooking and making more goods, this will make my life much easier and its in my favorite kitchen gadgets color RED! I have my eye on the pasta maker and the slicer, wonder if they work well?
Do you have a kitchenaid mixer?  



  1. Ahhh DROOL!!! Love it!

  2. I love my mixer!!! mine is red too. lol

    1. awesome, Red is my favorite color for a kitchen

  3. Yay! So happy for you! I'm getting one for Christmas, my wonderful boyfriend is too good to me but can not keep a secret to save his life! He already gave me a 50" plasma TV that he just could not wait until Christmas to give me and has been dropping way too many hints that I know I'm getting one of these mixers for Christmas also. Hope it's the red one, I love red in the kitchen!

  4. good for you...love the red color

  5. Anonymous8.12.12

    Pretty envious, I would love to get a KitchenAide mixer! Love the red color :D

  6. Oh I like your red mixer! I have a white one, which was given to my by mom, so no complaints on the color, lol. But I LOVE your red one. =0)
    Congrats on your Merry Christmas to YOU gift. It's a practical gift too, so well worth the splurge!


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